In my first term as the Denver City Councilman for District 10, I have strived to represent and serve the interests of our residents and organizations, improving our neighborhood quality of life and our business prosperity. The following are some highlights of my achievements during my first three years which include improvements to Quality of Life, Traffic and Safety, Zoning and Preservation, Parks, Construction, Affordable Housing, Minority and Women Owned Businesses, Homelessness, and More.


Quality of Life

  • Kept the Congress Park Pool open for 2019 by offering to fund $20,000 in needed repairs

  • Prevented a commercial event organizer from closing a residential block in Cherry Creek East for a multi-day event. Then developed new Denver Public Works regulations to require events to obtain residential approval prior to receiving permits.

  • Implemented regulations on Small Cell poles to require minimum spacing between installation of new poles, adjacent property notification, and placement on the edges or corners of properties so as not to obstruct neighborhood homes and businesses.

  • Used office budget to fund a professional traffic study in the Congress Park and 7th Avenue Neighborhoods to identify traffic calming and safety improvements to make the neighborhood more walkable and enjoyable for residents.

  • Worked with residents to obtain a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) on Josephine Street to help parents and children safely cross from the Denver Botanic Gardens parking garage to the Congress Park athletic fields.

  • Used office budget to fund (4) four electronic speed signs to provide driver feedback and collect traffic data to assist in targeted police enforcement.


Traffic and Safety

zoning map d10 wide.png

Zoning and Preservation

  • Worked with the Slot Homes Task Force to create new Slot Home regulations that closed zoning loopholes, prohibited the form in low density neighborhoods and improved design requirements.

  • Used office budget to fund a Cherry Creek East Design Overlay study.

  • Monitored developments to ensure zoning compliance and prevent undesirable, questionably zoned projects which were out of character with the neighborhood.

  • Successfully prevented a destructive special event from occurring in Cheesman Park at the request of residents, Warren Village, and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

  • Completed a multi-year project to underground unsightly utility service poles along Cheesman Park.

  • Used office budget to fund car free days in Cheesman Park during the summer to provide a quieter, more enjoyable park experience.





Worked to alleviate citywide construction project management issues that were impacting residents and businesses. Some of the changes as of February 1, 2019 include:

  • A contractor's traffic control plan will be required to show how all transportation modes will be provided safe and convenient detours around a project site. This includes: pedestrians, people on bikes and scooters, transit riders, and drivers.

  • Pedestrian canopies will be required on projects where vertical construction is occurring directly adjacent to a pedestrian pathway.

  • Large projects will be required to submit a parking plan for their workers and their subcontractors' workers who will access the construction site when requesting new or renewing existing right-of-way permits.

  • Formed a Colfax leadership group that promotes economic development and affordable housing on Colfax Avenue.

  • Voted to expand the City’s commitment to affordable housing by doubling the annual contribution to the housing fund.

  • Voted to establish integrated affordable housing requirements for projects using incentive height in the Central Platte Valley-Auraria zoning.


Affordable Housing

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Minority and Women Owned Businesses

  • Strengthened Denver’s Minority Participation in Construction Contracts Ordinance to end discrimination in payments to minority and woman-owned subcontractors and small businesses.

  • Monitored contracts to ensure small, minority and woman-owned business participation goals were high enough to be beneficial to program participants.

  • Co-chaired City Council retreat on homelessness, making recommendations for improvements that are being utilized in the City’s 2019 Three Year Shelter Plan.

  • Advocated for work opportunities for people experiencing homelessness which let to the successful Denver Works and Colfax Works programs.

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MVIMG_20180226_135254 (1).jpg

and More…

  • Initiated an evaluation study on the development and operation of a Cherry Creek Parking District that will bring more effective local parking control and enforcement.

  • Helped fund the formation of the Golden Triangle Creative District and serves as an ex-officio member of the Golden Triangle Partnership Board.

  • Conducted financial and operational evaluations to analyze;

    • A Comprehensive Development Impact Fee Program for future City development

    • The proposed Denver International Airport “Great Hall” Project

    • The need for greater emphasis on City department performance measures to make citizens aware of the effectiveness of City operations

    • A long term funding plan for Police, Fire, and Public Works capital equipment

  • Returned taxpayer money from District 10 office funds to non-profit community agencies and organizations for community service improvements.