I am the middle son of hardworking Georgia parents who taught me from an early age the importance of personal integrity, the dignity of all individuals, and public service.

I graduated on a football scholarship with a degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and received my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Georgia State University.

My healthcare management career began at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, an indigent care hospital similar to and larger than Denver Health. My dedication to Children’s Hospital Administration included Emory University and Stanford University among others, and eventually Denver’s Children’s Hospital where I became Chief Operating Officer. I was later engaged as a Consultant with the Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA) for the top 43 Children’s Hospitals in the nation.

I am a Fellow of the American College of Hospital Executives, worked on the Colorado Performance Excellence Board and on the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Program, the highest award for quality performance in the nation. I was an adjunct faculty member of the University of Kansas Graduate School of Nursing teaching healthcare leadership and financial management skills.

My experience in budgeting and finance, capital improvements, construction, and both strategic and operational planning have given me excellent skills in organizational management, team building, and then formulating and realizing goals. Dealing on a daily basis with the life-and-death issues of real people in hospital settings has given me an understanding of what it means to be a true public servant. The combination of business and public service knowledge in leading hospitals is quite similar to the business and public service skills needed to manage city government and serve our citizens.

During my consulting years and in retirement, I became very active in our neighborhood where we have lived for 20 years, serving on the Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association Board for 12 years, 8 years as President. I became very involved, spending hundreds of volunteer hours not only for CCNNA but also with the Cherry Creek Steering Committee, Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) and the Inter-neighborhood Cooperation (INC), honing my understanding of zoning, community planning, and the City’s operational policies.

I believed then and I believe now that Denver citizens deserve good government …government that serves the public. They deserve a balance between economic growth and preserving neighborhood character and quality of life. I believe in the improvement of services and amenities, sidewalks, parks and the Arts, while protecting our green and open spaces, historic places and mountain views. I want Denver to achieve and maintain a reputation as one of the most desirable places in the country to live, work and play.

My experience in delivering the highest-quality, cost effective healthcare across the country in hospitals the size of some small towns in terms of budget and people, uniquely qualified me to become a City Councilman. The years between 1999 and my election in 2015 made me the best candidate for Denver’s City Council. What I have already accomplished and learned in my first term, makes me the best person to continue doing this job for you in Denver.

Awards and recognition that Wayne has received are:

  • 2009 – Cherry Creek Commerce of Commerce Community Leader of the Year

  • 2010 – CHUN Good Neighbor Award

  • 2010 - INC Virginia Oredson Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service

  • 2011 – Cherry Creek Arts Festival Award for Outstanding Community Service

  • 2013 – CHUN Tom Knorr Award for Community Service

  • 2018 – Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Public Achievement Award (2/19)