Key Goals and Priorities

Crime Prevention

  • Work closely with Department of Safety and Police to employ and maintain sufficient staffing to fulfill policies, strategies, and practices that will prevent crime and protect our citizens.

  • Promote “Community Policing” in our neighborhoods by developing strong relationships for crime prevention communication and action among the Police, residents, and businesses.

  • Expand community neighborhood watch and block builder programs to promote neighborhood and business area safety.


  • Collaborate with Parks and Recreation and neighborhood support groups to preserve and enhance the beauty of our District parks and to improve their care and maintenance.

  • Fight against the approval of special events by outside commercial organizations that will have negative effects on parks, residents, schools, and public facilities.

  • Monitor the newly relaxed alcohol consumption regulations and their effects on Vision Zero goals for reduced traffic deaths and accidents and continue to work to reduce the harmful impacts of all substance abuse on public health and safety.

Traffic Management and Pedestrian Safety Improvements

  • Promote the implementation of neighborhood traffic improvements to:

    • Mitigate traffic congestion

    • Revised speed limits

    • Reduce stop sign violations

  • Advocate for the expansion of Police staffing to monitor and improve traffic violations.

    • Complete traffic engineering studies and implement recommended improvements in the specific neighborhoods and areas of:

    • Congress Park and 7th Avenue

    • Alamo Placita

    • Stokes Place / Green Bowers and Alameda

    • Colorado Boulevard

  • Expand the number of crosswalk markings to protect pedestrians in high traffic areas.


  • Work aggressively with Pubic Works to provide sufficient residential parking and control over non-resident illegal and improper parking practices.

  • Complete a development plan on a Cherry Creek Parking District that will bring more effective local parking control and enforcement.

  • Utilize this development as a city-wide model for other parking district applications to control parking in appropriate business / residential areas.

Construction Practice Improvement

  • Continue the review process with community leaders and Public Works for the improvement of city-wide construction practices that affect neighborhoods and retail businesses.

  • Implement reviewed and recommended construction project management improvements to protect retail businesses, improve traffic disruptions, protect pedestrian safety, enforce parking and construction regulations, and minimize the negative effects on residential quality of life.

City’s Three-Year Homeless Plan

  • Support the implementation of homeless improvement strategies for the:

    • Conversion of emergency shelters to multi-service and triage facilities to coordinate mental health, addiction, and job training services for the homeless.

    • Enhancement of homeless transportation system from our streets, parks, neighborhoods, and businesses to improved areas with access to support services.

    • Support of the efficient and effective use of citizen’s newly approved funding to expand mental health and addiction treatment services.

    • Expansion of the day work program to employ homeless for public service.

Affordable Housing

  • Support the goals, strategies, and action plans of the Denver Housing Plan and the Denver Housing Authority for the creation of multi-level average median income (AMI) housing.

  • Increase affordable housing units in new commercial and residential developments by creating a cooperative relationship and system of incentives and flexible requirements.


  • Work to implement successfully the Colfax bus rapid transit (BRT) and monitor the effects on reduced car use, efficient traffic flow, and cut though neighborhood traffic.

  • Finalize the micro transit pilot program and evaluate if expanded operations and routes are justified.

  • Support the separate Transportation Division within Denver Public Works and its focus on all modes of transit.

  • Support Transportation Solutions in its promotion of District 10 transit solutions.

City Regulations and Practices

  • Review and improve any key City Department regulations and/or practices that detrimentally affect residents and retail businesses.

  • Monitor and insure accurate zoning compliance within established requirements to support neighborhood character and business development.

  • Implement Blue Print Denver recommendations that affect neighborhood and business zoning to maintain neighborhood character and promote business development.

Resident Feedback, Advice, and Listening

  • Continue to seek resident feedback and advice on key City issues using opinion surveys and town hall / neighborhood meetings.

  • Inform residents on important District and City issues and relevant events in my online newsletters.

  • Hold Friday community meetings to listen in person to residents and to help them with their concerns.

  • Make residents aware of implementation progress and plans on the sidewalk repair program in District 10.

East Central Neighborhood Improvement Plan (Six Neighborhoods and Colfax Avenue)

  • Complete the plan to insure that quality and value of proposed recommendations have improvement strategies and clear action plans that can be implemented for:

    • Neighborhood quality of life and character

    • Colfax Avenue commercial development and zoning

    • Historic building and district preservation

    • Affordable housing

    • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

  • Require sufficient police support to combat illegal drug selling and crime on Colfax and in parks, business areas, and neighborhoods.

  • Lobby for the expedited GO Bond approval for design and implementation of the District 6 Police Station replacement.

Golden Triangle Creative District (GTCD)

  • Expand the promotion of the Golden Triangle as the center for arts in the City.

  • Assist with the development of pedestrian crosswalks on Broadway and other Golden Triangle areas.

  • Promote new building and infrastructure development that follows the Golden Triangle Area Plan for a vibrant neighborhood to live, work, and play for all residents, businesses, and visitors.

  • Participate actively in the review and revision of Golden Triangle zoning.

  • Support the implementation of the Golden Triangle segment of the 5280 Loop, the one mile bike route from Downtown through adjacent neighborhoods that promotes economic development.

Minority / Woman-Owned Businesses and Small Business City Construction Participation Ordinance

  • Continue to monitor the compliance of the Division of Small Business Opportunity in implementing and managing existing Ordinance requirements to grow and develop minority/woman-owned construction subcontractors and small businesses.

  • Review and improve the City’s prompt pay practices to insure accurate and timely payment to prime and subcontractors.

  • Participate actively to strengthen the 2019 revision of the Ordinance that will enhance the growth and development of minorities and small businesses.

Small Cell Wireless Infrastructure

  • Insure that all small cell wireless infrastructure installations follow City regulations to prevent the improper placement of 30’ high wireless carrier poles in front of neighborhood homes and businesses.

  • Monitor compliance with wireless carrier’s timely communication with and notice to neighborhoods being affected by the small cell infrastructure implement.