Why I Am Seeking Re-Election

I am grateful for the support I have received during my first term, and I am excited to seek re-election to Denver City Council.  

I am running again because I truly want to continue serving you, the people of District 10. My staff and I are accessible and work diligently to address and resolve problems. I listen to your ideas and suggestions and strive to improve communication on issues between the City departments and residents. I encourage operational efficiency and effectiveness in all City departments. My business background provides perspective and experience that strengthen my ability to enhance service to our citizens, and we have made progress. I am running because I have a vision of Denver as a truly great city that places citizens’ quality of life ahead of political gain. 

Traffic and pedestrian safety-related problems, infrastructure, affordable housing, addiction and mental illness, accountability and transparency are not partisan issues…they affect us all. Denver is Your City, you deserve good government.   

I want to protect our unique and beautiful neighborhoods, both the historic and the contemporary. We must improve traffic, congestion, and parking issues; discontinue zoning that does not enhance neighborhood character; and reduce crime. I want to protect our parks, our cultural institutions and our healthy outdoor lifestyle while encouraging careful, intelligent expansion. By avoiding the mistakes made by other cities, we can continue to be one of the most desirable places to live in the nation. 

I am running again because we must have honest, ethical, and responsible city government.  I have dedicated myself to a direct and open discussion of City problems and issues without consideration of special interest groups.  If you also believe in these values and feel we can make a difference, then please help me get re-elected.